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tv   Local 10 News 5PM  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in that community are certainly describing an unsettling feeling knowing thth that person is still out there. defect at this point have not yet released the description on the gunman that they are still searchingor. the detectives have not released the description. the good news is that the shooting victim is expected to be okay. we are live in fort lauderdale, i'm terrell forney, local10 news. >> laurie: terrell, thank you. ananit is 5:00 on the dot. so let's get a check on the afternoon rushsh there are some big backups out there. jenise. >> jenise: that's right, laurie. this is i-95 southbound right at broward county. only two ins +- broward boulevard. all due to a vehicle fire. it does look like they were able to tow that car away but the cleanup is still underway, and as we pan out look at that backup. we're tataing about miles and miles of delays. if you're fighter se of your loved ones to get home this evening, you're going to be waiting for quite some time if their stuck in this ness. pick up the phone and tell them
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thc again seeing heavy delays i-knife southbound a broward boulevard four lanes blocked with speeds at 6 miles per hour.zooming on out it looks like those delays are starting at commercial boulevard and it's stretching all the way down for about five mil. so likes you mentioned calm your loved ones, tell them to take u-u-1 or us-1 as an alternate. >> calvin: a hollywood man behind bars after authorities say he robbed two peoplee following their meeting to buy a cell phone. police say moshy els moshies rauty met the men who were drying to sell a cell phone for $250. but thennies rauty pulled out a handgun. the victims say he dropped the gun on university drive. ies rauty inside facing several charges. >> laurie: two people are left without a home after other phoned condominium caught fire at the time shaker village
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boulevard and mcnab road this afternoon. fortunely no one was hurt. the boynton beach woman a used of accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband coulding sew be sent back to jail. prosecutors are trying to have dalia dippolito's bond revoked saying she went to her tanneres attorney's office to report a interview for 20/20. the judge could decide on march 22nd t/ revoke her bond and send her back to jail. >> calvin: voters are stuffing ballot box in several days in primaries and caucuses before the race comes to florida. in fact, the primary will be held here next tuesday all over the state and is likely toave a major impact on the republican race. the winner here will receive all 99 of florida's delegates no matter the margin of their victory, and that makes a win critical for florida senator marco rubio who is far behind donald trumpmpnd ted cruz in delegate counts. local10's michael pututy spoke
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in his home state. >> michael: for your campaign, does it all c/me down to florida? if you don't win here, can you go forward? >> yeah, i think that would have been true no matter what. you man, not just because i'm from florida but because of the importance of the state. the only one that has any chance of bb-8 donald trump in florida is me. >> c cvin: it does appear to be a two some of man race between rubio and trump but trump leads rubio buy double digits in an average of recent polls meaning rubio must make up ground between now and next tuesday. >> laurie: meanwhile, bernie sanders supporters are gathering at the james l. knight center in mai for a rally tonight, and local10's andrer perez spoke with some of them. he is, inc. joss live from a loud crowdie place. andrew drunk you can tell you it's very loud. this event starts at 7:00 tonight, but take a look at this crude crowd. this crude is excited. this place is packed. right now, obviously, no surprise here, a lot of young voters turning out right now to
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i want you to take a loo at some of our video. he's holding this rally sometimes in miami at the james l. knight center like you said. sanders has been pushing his plans to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. obviously a big incentive for young voters. expand health care to all americans. more jobs rebuilding roads and bridges. but, of course, many people are criticizing him right now saying, how are you going to pay for all of that? we know that those are some of the keyers, he will be addressing tonight here at this rally. this is, of course, ahead of the big debate. i want to take a live look. this is called a future to believe in. that is the name of this rally. we're going to be talking to some of the voters. we're going to bring them to you coming up coming up at 6:00. we're live in miami, i'm andrew perez, local10 news. >> laurie: and today you can still see the lead car theft commuter train in northern california right there on its side in a creek after a derailment last night sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital. let's get to victor in the court reporter with more on the crash
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>> this happened east of san francisco. there was a tree on the tracks and it derailed the lead car. that lead car ended p in the water and at least nine people were hurt in the chaos. twisted metal, a desperate rescue effort. >> we're having a difficult time figuring out how we're going to access anybody on this train. >> victor: emergency personnel breaking windows in a fran tuck race to make sure all 214 passengers are brought to safety. >> i was thrown out of my seat and i hurled hurt my shoulder. >> victor: at 7:35 p.m. this commuter train struck a tree which had fallen onto the tracks. >> double-check and make sure everybody is safe. >> victor: the first car twisting side wades onto a rain-swollen creek. >> we flipped and started getting water into the train. >> victor: as rise can water overtakes the train, passengers scramble to escape. >> i need an additional three
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>> victor: emergency workers say it's a miracle everyone survived. they had to walk two miles on a fire road to safety. >> i was never more happy to see flashing lights. >> victor: and a union pacific spokesman said it was likely a mudslide that landed that tree on the tracks. the san francisco bay area has been hit hard lately. a lot of their roadways and creeks have been swamped lately. >> calvin: new trial dates will have to be scheduled for the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray after maryland's highest court ruled that one of them will have to testify against the others. the trial for lieutenant brian rios was scheduled to begin tomorrow but has since been postponed. the maryland court of appeals ruled that officer william porter must testify at his colleagues' trials. porter's own trial ended in a hung jury in december and he's now a waiting a retrial total of six officers are charged in weeks with the april 2015 death of gray who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in the back of a police van laecken shocking update today tie "call
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absentee landlord accused of leaving her tenants to rot in dangerous conditions. it turns out fines related to critical violations have been drastically reduces. investigative reporter christina christina in the newsroom now with the new information. >> christina: indeed, the city of miami cord endorsement wordd approved the reduction. these relate to one property, 1730 northwest 1st court. take a look at the numbers with me here. in the first case more than $1 million reduced to $10,000. that is a 99% reduction. and the second case involving that property, more than $90,000 reduced to $20,000. that is nearly an 80% reduction. the center for social change at that hearing tells us in a statement the residents need help and it doesn't seem like the board is structured in a way that allows them to really negotiate, to get performance from someone like a slumlord. they, the people of the board need some help, even if it's just to prevent any further demands on them to allow a release of any more liens.
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this was money that could have been used to fix up some of the other properties owned by companies state records show are run by deans backmanf generational new jersey. remember, people are still living there. oddly this development seems to undercut the cities own years long effort to bring the owners of the buildings into compliance. city and state records of documented years worth of health, life and state of voices. the issues allowed to fester as the building were left to rot. we have asked for a statement from the vac anyone's lawyer. the city attorney's office said no other rots have been brought before the board at this time. we have requested an interview with the department's direct, the city of of miami mayor thomas regalado and the city commissioner. for now in the newsroom, christina vazquez, local10 news. >> and we're now following breaking news from arizona. >> laurie: a rather odd police pursuit in phoenix. >> victor: we watchehethis come to an end just a few moments ago. that suspect is now in custody but we do want to show you this
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let's to go video taken just a short time ago from phoenix. the man suspected of having stolen a motorcycle, he failed to stop for a police officer and that's how the chase started. now, we're calling this kind of odd because he is was going pretty slowly, not exactly a high-speed chase here, and i lasted for well over an hour. throughout the chase, though, he appeared to be calm, even conscious while making his way around but eventually he did give up, he would ditch his motorcycle near this h hsing complex. there you see h'm. he drops it, he takes off on foot and it didn't take too long after that for authorities to catch up with him so that is the guy what is their suspect now in custody after an hour's long chase on that motorcycle in the phoenix area. we'll keep posted on that. meantime let come back home as we're following another breaking out of fort lauderdale where crews are on the scene at a water main break at 220115 north ocean boulevard in the fort lauderdale area near the pell began brand hotel.
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two of the inside lanes closed. traffic still getting by on those outside lanes but crews are working on this possible 8-inch water main break. this information coming to us from the city. that's an area to avoidid as they have somee of those lanes closed while they work oh that water main break. laurie and calvin, back to you. >> calvin:e want to remind you about this weekend's big block party, and we're only five days away from calle ocho. >> laurie: get your dancing shoes on. so much food, fun and music. we really hope to see out there on sunday march threatened from 11:00 to 1:30 you can meet all those folks, janine stanwood, christina vazquez, carlos suarez. and todd tongen and eric yutzy will be there to great and you say y from 11:00 to 1:30. >> calvin: from 1:30 to 4:00 you n chat with glenna milberg, jennifer correa.
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krueger will also meet with you from the local10 booth sunday ranch. >> laurie: we'll be out there all day long doing our live special so we get to meet everybody, too. >> calvin: good food. good people. good dancing. >> laurie: and we're seeing all new video now of a mom a ready r allegedly driving drunk with her young child in the backseat. troopers had to struggle with her to take her into custody. we're goingo show you more of this exclusive dash cam video at 6:00. >> calvin: list a reporter almost becomes the stowre when he narrowly avoids being hit by two oncoming cars. >> lrie: but first. police are searching for a woman who led them on a high-speed
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mystery machine from >> laurie: welcome back. police in california,hey had to do a double take when they found themselves chasing the mystery machine from the scooby doo cartoon series. they eventntlly managed to track down this brightly painted van, but the woman who was behind the wheel had vanished. it's already an unusual sight, the mystery machine from scooby doo in redding? images off the van have been circulating on social media after it was involved in a high-speed chase sunday afternoon.
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it was 51-year-old sharon turrman. turrman apparently decide make a run for it during a routine probation check. her probation officer called 911 immediately and officers responded with a little humor. more officers joined in, needing to know what kind of vehicle they. >> were chasing. the mystery machine plowed down highway 273. at this point turrm has four units chasing her on the ground and a chp helicopter above.
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because of safety concerns. turrman almost caused multiple crashes before she abandon mystery machine, and like one of the ghoulsn the cartoon series, she vanished. and at lasasreport turrman is still out there on the run somehow. police in redding, california are asking for public's help. >> calvin: sometimes we say only in florida. that's an only in california story. >> laurie: they're going to have to investigate that van. where did the get this thing? when it look pretty real. >> calvin: the weather is real, there's no doubt about it. it was kind of really okay for me. it was really average. >> laurie: really? >> calvin: i know you guys feel otherwise. >> laurie: we'll take it, right? >> betty: we don't want to hear from you right now, calvin. i know a lot of you enjoying this tuesday. we made to it 80 degrees in miami and that is normal f f this time of the year. in fact, all around temperatures wereight where they should be at this point in the season, and now we get to drop in on key
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gorgeous out there. you can see some sunshine. you know that sunset is going to be beautiful. people a a gathering at mallory square, probably holding handles and toasting cheers to a wonderful night. mperatures are in the mid-70s routine. miami is at vive 75 and we see 76 in and aroununpembroke pines. the forecast for the evening mainly dry weather, skies remaining partly cloudy be with temperatures in the lower 70s around 9:00 tonight. the air is very, very mild but once you add in that breeze, it does add a little tine bit of a which i will in the air, if you willf you -- a chill in the air. you feel like you want that wrap or sweater in you're outside and that's going to be the deal for the rest of the evening. winds sustained 15 to 20 miles an hour. it's a brisk breeze and that breeze stays with us overnight into tomorrow. high pressure still the dominating feature. clockwise flow around the high pressure, and thus we stay anchored in that easterly breeze, that innovator the atlantic waters.
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this frontal system, though, look at all the rain we're tracking from portions of texas and louisiana. downpours in arkansas. the potential for tornadoes as well. certainly some t tse moments happening right now around shreveport with that tornana watch in effect. we'll watch that frontal system has it continues to make more progress toward the east-northeast. the story for us tomorrow, though, is high pressure and the flow around it which means we have more of the same on the way. bree, partly sunny skies between wednesday and thursday, and the rain chance really w as stormy weather continues that marsh on over into other parts of the southeast. not here. 80 degreesesthat's the high temperature in forecast for tomorrow. lower 80s thursday,riday. rain chance 20%. may see a little better chance for showers by sunday. calle ocho. we'll keep you posted. >> calvin: we're now hearing about contamination concerns coming from some of fp&l's neighbors. they are concerned about a new
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nuclear power plant is beaking into biscayne bay. >> laurie: plus so many people say they want to be taller or thinner but there could be behind health problems you're t hearing about. we'll explain in today's health cast. >> will: there is no team in the nba hotter right now in the thant. t. miami heat help at how the addition of joe johnson has helped jump start the team next in sports. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (e(ephant noise) (donkey noise)
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>> will manso: before we get to e heat some breaking sports news concerning the dolphins. the fins have signed pass rush are mario williams to a two-year contract. this according to the and also the miami herald. williams was let go by buffalo last week but he has over 90 career sacks, and he's expected to be a big part of the dolphins defense this upcoming season. it will be interesting now to see how this affect this isfutures of both free agent
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wake coming off a serious injury. onto heat they were back on the practice floor ahead of tomorrow night's game at milwaukee. hassan whiteside missed practice because of an illness but he's traveling with the team and hopefully he can play. before the three-game road trip, good opportunity for the heat to get in work. look at erik spoelstra putting the defense on justise winslow working on that jump shot. when the spurs lost last night it made the heat's current record the best the in nba right w. those five wins correspond with the arrival of joe johnson. he precious the impact that j.j. is making. he's been a that missing piece for us. i don't think we're going to win the rest of our games. it's not saying we're going to go undated because joe here now. but each and every night we go out there, we're better suited now withoe here. we was before he got here. >> joan. i st thought i could help. that's the what i'm trying to do.
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that they ask me and just enjoy the graham. >> will: the cavs and lebron wanted joe jackson. they weren't without a win last night. lebron threw that one down with his will be left hand and continues to be a force. his teammates letting him down. former heat mario chalmers take that lebron. the big basket by rio memphis goes into cleveland. surprise win there 106, 103 the final. after tomolrow's night game at milwaukee the heat are in chicago on friday and a stuff have tough test at toronto on saturday, so the soft stretch of the schedule, the heat has been able to take advantage of a lot of@ wins, is coming to an end, laurie and calvin. >> calvin: great to have.j. on the team. >> will: he's a veteran force. >> calvin: the fight over firefighterring services is 3d a show#downtown a cooper city hall. >> laurie: let's get to victor in the newsroom with a look a what he's working for auto 5:30. >> victor: theheispute has led to a lot of bad blood with the broward sheriff.
5:25 pm
duties in the city but the mayor isn't satisfied with the sheriff's offer. our investigative reporter boe boe has more. also wrestling super star john zina talk about the return of wrestlemania to south florida. and we have surveillance video of a woman driving under the influence with her child in the car.
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after this. taking control of your health isn't easy. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programamfrom a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goaos. cigna.
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>> laurie: right off the top at 5:30 what a tough dire students one broward elementary school after learning they are principal had passed away. chez was balad injured in a bicycle -- badly injured in a motorcycle accident. >> victor: and grief counsors and the superintendent were on hand to help students and teachers cope with the tragedy. eric yutzy has more. >> so today is a day of great sorrow and sadness. >> eric: hard break at croissant middle school after the death of beloved principal jaime
5:29 pm
>> a beautiful person andile a loving mom. >> eric: she was badly injured in a motorcye accident. she was air throw it kendall region medical center where she died early this some of mar dag a's fellow -- maradiaga's students come together. >> here smile was contagious. her laugh was infectious, and that's'shat we want them to remember. >> we're very blessed to have her in our lives. >> eric: the single mother of three boys, she had hundred of students she considered children of her own. cecemony more than 25 years in the broward county school district, the last six as principal. >> no one can ever replace that or replace her, and we want her to -- her legacy to live through that through the children. >> eric: croissant park elementary still needs to operate so broward county has more than 20 principals to handle the day-to-day operations asasell as 70 teachers and other support staff to get there this school there their immense heartache.
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>> laurie: a man whose life as was nearly ruined is speaking out after sexual battery charges against him were dropped. dean dennard was originally charged with sexual battery against a muren, and he said the ac caseszations cost him his job. dennard was facing life in prison after. he and his attorney said this is an important reminder not to presume someone's guilt before all the facts are in. >> to this d day my client is actually innocent, and now he want it to his life back together. he's been fired from a job that he had for 20 years working here in broward county. he's never been arrested before in his life. >> i was always innocent. those who know me vouchch for that. i just want to thank everyone that supported me. >> laurie: dennard said in fact he's considering leaving broward county altogether after this whole ordeal. >> victor: a battle over the cost of fire rescue services has turned nigh showdown between the city and broward sheriff's office. that's led to a lot of bad blood
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a vote is scheduled for tonight to settle this dispute once for all tonight and local10's bob normany sat down with the. >> there's no argument about the boots on the ground.& they are terrific. >> bob: cooper city mayor greg ross said he's a man of broward county sheriff's office firefighters. it's their boss sheriff scott israel he hays problem with. >> the sheriff is yet to own his mistake. that's theroblem. >> bob: the dispute on is over the cost of an additional three-person fire rescue team. bso initially said it would run $1.2 million, and the city bank odd that. then bso said, opposite, the cost is actually -- oops, the cost is actually $2.1 million. >>e couldn't do it at that point. >> bob: when the city balked the sherf came down $1.8 million, and at last week's workshop meeting he dug in his heels. >> it was an estimate. no more, no less. >> bob: the sherifff said the city should of known bso eats initial $1.2 million figure was
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>> any city manager who runs a city, cooper city, should have known that tt number is impossible. david copperfield is the only person i know who could have done that. >> bob: meanwhile nearby down of davie at the same meeting said it could do the anob for $1.5 million, prompting bso to agagn change its number, this time to $1.63 million. >> i don't know what to trust. >> bob: tonight ross a the commission will vote between davey and bso. >> it's a showdown. >> yes. >> you're not going do blink. >> not at all. and he knows me better. >> bob: the mayor said if the sheriff does match that $1.5 million davie figure, he'll go with bso. but there's no indication israel, who has refused comment on this issue, is going to budge. in the video por i'm bob norman, local10 news. >> victor: and tune in tonight at 11:00. we'll let you know the o ocome that of vote. >> laurie: referral mania is coming back to orlando -- wrestler mania is coming back to
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john cena was there to help the mayor of orlando make the i go big bigg announcement this morning. >> i believe a place le orlando embodies what wwe is all about. you guys have a talking relationship betweenice, dinosaurs roam the earth, and we can get swept back into a time long ago and a galaxy far, far awayay the point is orlando welcomes people and makes the impossible possible. makes dreams reality. >aurie: it's a great place p for wrestler mania 33 to be held april 2, 2017, at the orlando citrus bowl. that's the same place that hosted the last wrestlemania in central florida bacac in 2008. orlando beat out more than a dozen other cities to ht this event which brings in tens of thousands of visitors and millions of dollars. >> victor: world is officials say the killer whale responsible for the death of a trainer is now very sick. they say it appears to have a bacteria infection in his lungs.
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to treatment and verts trying to manage it and make sure that he's comfortable. he last been a world is for 23 years now. the york a was blamed for the death ofrainer don a bran cho in 2010. there was a wyatt spread criticism of world is. acdc had to pose pomona its concert becse the lead singer has been warned by doctors to stopping ising for risk going deaf. so johnson was told to stop playing live shows immediately or he ma completely lose his hearing. johnson, who lives in sarasota, has been with the band since 1980 after o oginal singer scott died. /dc has poe poned the u.s. tour dates but lance to make up dates for with a getty singer. >> laurie: a call for a news crew covering a commuter train
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caifornia. take a look. reporter alex savage almomo got hymn hit hymns. he credit his photographer for yelling at him to get out of the way at the last second. that reporter jumped to the right and the car ended up on his left. the. the world continues to mourn the passing former first lady nancy reagan as the public prepares for her to be laid to rest. nancy reagan will b buried at the ronald reagan presidential library in california on friday at 11:00 a.m. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband, and we're told first lady michelle obama will be attending the funeral. >> the extraordinary love that she had for her husband. >> she made sure he had good people around him, and when they weren't good, she had to getid them. >> laurie: s s was known to be to be so protective of her ronnie. nancy reagan died of heart fail our oh sunday at her home. she was 94 years old. >> victor: right now it's time
5:36 pm
on afternoon rush with local10 traffic reporter jenise fernandez help hoey is it look like out there? >> jenise: want to talk about that track of alert. car fire on southbound i-95 onthe at broward boulevard. all lanes are back open. here's the view. i-95-pound at sunrise boulevard. can see traffic is moving but unfortunately those delays are still extending again that car fire i-95 southbound at broward boulevard so speeds right now picking you up at 32 miles per hour. now, here's the problem. as we zoom on out those delays are starting from atlantic boulevard, and it looks like it's going to stretch past broward county for about nine miles so some really heavy delays there. go ahead, call your friends up with call your family up, tell them to take us-441 u-1 as an alternate. laurie. >> laurie: jenise, thank you. today marks two years since one of aviation's greatest mysteries, we're talking about the disappearance of malacia air flight 370 in the indian ocean. crews are still searching for
5:37 pm
veered off course beforing vaish with 239 people onboard. no victims were ever found, and investigators dill don't know what went wrong. the the only confirmed debris from that plane washed up to reunion island last year. today is also the deadline for families of the victims to file for any compensation or to sue the airline. >> victor: have you heard about this? these oranges had a lotf people seeing red on social media, and now whole toads foods is taking action. the picture shows p pksages of pre-peeled oranges sitting in plastic containers at the ocery store. after thousands of retweets and rants, whole foods tweeted it was a mistakes and pulled the product. in the future whole foods is promise to go leave those oranges, quote in their natural packaging. now to less healthy foods, check out the long lines of this mcdonald in a formerral ev soviet republic. people came out to try the very first mikki d's in kazakhstan. the new restaurant is 9,000 square feet and can seat more than 200 people.
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and self-order key objections. >> laurie: do you think you know college basketball you? beer enter the lom break challenge then because you can win a free tv. enter our bracket challenge to win a 65-inch hdtv from brands senator, 5. our anchor and -- brand mart. he is your chance to beat all of us. >> victor: i might as well fill on think it in the dark. my only is university miami and they've been great. >> laurie: we can go by the colors of the outfits. >> victor: or mascots p there's a lot of ways to do this. it really doesn't matter how much you know. it's a shot in the dark. good luck to you. still ahead we'reeeing how defendants for fhp troopers to arrest a mom accused of driving drunk with her child in the car. that come struggled with troopers as they tried to cufff her. this was all caught on camera. the executive video all new at 6:00. >> laurie: plus, police sopping stopping a drunk driver who
5:39 pm
into the grille of his car. we'll give you another close-up look. >> victor: and being tall and in may be the figure that many women aspire to but it could also be putting their healthy risk. we'll explain coming up next in today's health cast. >> laurie: firststs we head to break a live picture from our mount sinai medical center tower cam over miami beach. a little gray out there at tiles, a little breezy about the a gorgeous day, and betty davis
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what's ahead this week. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about y/ur emergency roadside service
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and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tr. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night,
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370 killing of-they may seem like the picture of hotel but a growing number of tall thin women beingngffected by a dangerous bacteria. medical specialist kristi krueger has the detls in today's health cast. >> kristi: several time a day mary lou airia has to use this device to help clear her lungs. in@2010 she wasserman schultz diagnosed with something called non-tuerk los musico bacteria or mth. the bacteria to understand found in everything from soil to shower heads which is how mary louelieves she got infected. >> i would stand in the shower for hours. i really -- because when i'm upset, that's what i do. i take a hot, hotteamy showers. >> kristi: but that may not be the only reason mary lou was infected. doctors say her heightnd her
5:44 pm
>> is it striking that it tends to be women in her 50s, 60s, 70s, most of them have led blameless lives, they aren't cigarette smokers with they're not miners. >> will: lung specialist said there are about 30,000 cases of mtm every year, most involve tall, thin women who appear to have a weakened immune system. >> and we believe that that's one of the features that makes some individuals, particularly slender women, more susceptible to the infection. >> kristi: and once they get the it, the cure rates are low, only about 50%. that means even with a healthy lifestyle, some women like mary lou will faust a a lifetime of treatment. and patients about mt m often take several different antibiotics for years and some require surgery to remove the damaged portion of their lungs. with your health cast today i'm kristi krueger. >> reporter: a kindergarten teacher in washington stay has been fired for allllegedly
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parents in tacoma are outraged
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